Nature Geek Squad's tours

Tour 1 Sunset at Coba and the Spidermonkeys at Punta Laguna

Encounter spider monkeys, canoe in a lagoon, zipline, Mayan Culture, Cenote and Coba Ruins at sunset

We take you to a beautiful lagoon, where the jungle still reigns.  Zipline, canoeing, and rappel into a Cenote.  While walking through peaceful tropical landscapes, we will observe wild monkeys in their natural habitat and  encounter the Mayan culture. Then visit Coba, eat at a restaurant, tour the Mayan Ruins with a tricycle taxi or by foot at sunset or with an archeology guide (at an extra cost during these hours). This is an all day tour. 

Tour 2 Muyil Relaxation

Float in Ancient Mayan Canals, Mayan Ruins, Nature trails, Cenote and Lunch at a Restaurant

We take you to visit the ancient mayan canals of Muyil by boat, jump in for a refreshing float through the crystal clear water,  a short walk through archeological site,  the interpretive nature trails, and finish the day with a dip in a Cenote. Lunch at a local Restaurant in Tulum to enjoy more time hanging out with us. We like our tourists to feel like family. But you decide what you prefer. We tailor, modify add anything as long as it's possible timewise.

Tour 3 Wonders of Sian Ka´an

Sunset or Sunrise Tour in Sian Ka´an by Muyil and Boca Paila

Boat tour to float in ancient Mayan canals, visiting lagoons, observing migratory birds in the winter months, manatees, crocodiles , and enjoying a snack on an incredible solitary beach.  (4 to 5 hours) For more information click button below. Check our Muyil relaxation tour for a shorter version.

Tour 4 Sian Ka´an: Marine fauna

Snorkel, Birds, Dolphin, Turtle, Manati and Crocodile Observation. Boca Paila to Punta Allen.

Boat tour that takes you through mangroves, lagoons, a bird island and searching for crocodiles, as well as reef snorkeling, more birds observation, then WILD and FREE dolphins and turtle spotting, finishing up at a natural Caribbean pool by the beach. We also eat in a fisherman village that dedicates to sustainable lobster fishing. 

Tour 5 Sian Ka'an your own way

You decide what to do

Activities you can choose: 

a) Boat tour and floating through the ancient Mayan canals, PLUS a visit to the Tulum Ruins(we recommend very early),choose any Cenote or Lagoon around Tulum, or add both a Lagoon and a Cenote to the tour if time permits.

c) Natural Caribbean pool, snorkel and observe lobster fishing activities (during season)

d) Sian Ka´an by car to observe beaches and fisherman village Punta Allen. Or add boat tour from option b). You can eliminate the fisherman village and eat lunch at another beach.

Click  the button "Tailor it now!!!!!!" to create your own adventure.

Tour 6 Caves and Cenote's

Cave, Cavern and Mangrove snorkeling

Snorkel inside a Cave in an area which belongs to one of the longest flooded Cave Systems in the world. Visit another open Cenote and finally go to a Cenote surrounded Mangrove, connected to the ocean, OR you may upgrade for $15USD more to go snorkeling at the Coral Barrier Reef instead of the second Cenote.


Lunch at a local Restaurant in Tulum and/or at a Beach.

Tour 7 Spectacular Reef Snorkel and Cenote Fun

Puerto Morelos Cenote and Reef + Restaurant

Visit a Cenote in the jungle, then head to the fisherman village of Puerto Morelos to take a boat tour to snorkel by one of the most preserved coral reef sites in the Riviera Maya. Eat lunch at a local restaurant, visit this amazing sleep little Caribbean town and enjoy the beach snorkeling on your own if you still want to. This is a must if you are staying in Playa del Carmen or Cancún.  

Tour 8 Yucatan Flamingo Tour in the Biosphere Reserve Rio Lagartos

Río Lagartos, Cenotes or Ruins/ Valladolid/or las Coloradas

Take a boat tour to observe mangroves and their wildlife: crocodiles, flamingos, other local birds and the salt mines that sometimes turn pink due to the crustaceans that inhabit them. Then, choose one of these places:

b) las Coloradas (pink lagoons)

c) Mayan Ruins of Ek Balam or

a) Valladolid

and if time allows it, we can stop to visit a Cenote as well. 

Tour 9 Create your own adventure

You choose what you want to do

  • Choose and combine these:

  • Activities:

Snorkeling in caves or at the coral barrier reef, Caving, Walking through the Jungle, Boat Tours, diving, Wildlife Observation!!!!

  • Places:

Natural Protected Areas, Mayan Ruins, Mayan Villages, Colonial Cities, Caves, Cenotes, Beaches, Restaurants​

We can help you create an adventure that fulfills your traveling nature geek needs. 

If you can't find what you are looking for, please write what your ideas for your vacation in the Yucatan Peninsula and fill out the complete form.

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