About us

Two Nature Geeks dedicated to Nature Conservation and Education who love to show others the breathtaking biodiversity of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Our mission is to provide home-cooked private tours, based on socially and environmentally responsible alternatives, giving each visitor an insider’s view of the unique ecosystems in the Yucatan Peninsula, organized by conservationists who are experienced nature guides, dedicated to taking care of the local wildlife and showing you an unforgettable experience.

We do private tours, which means, time is not an issue and we adapt to changing conditions depending on your needs. And as experienced tour guides in the region, we will try to maximize your experience, even if you only have one day, because we know how important your vacation is and sometimes how long it took you to get there



Who we are

A custom-made private tour company, specialized in nature and with the goal of changing the way we do tours in the Riviera Maya. We´ve been living in the area and working as tour guides and nature conservationists since 2008.


We are Linda Matthews, from Austin, Texas and Dario Ferreira from Guadalajara, Mexico.  Two nerds who have been together for 10 years, traveling and working passionately and wholeheartedly on conservation projects, monitoring local wildlife, in environmental sustainability and environmental education in Mexico and South America.  Our new journey has led us to start our own tour business to be able to financially support our projects.

Our idea is to show you the area, the way we see it, as locals, but at the same time, to really take care of our visitors and our coworkers.  Supporting communities and local businesses and tour operators is very important to us.  Keepin' it real and minimizing our impact in just about everything we do, in our

lives, workplace and home.